swim with whale sharks ningaloo reef

Swimming with whales is not only a thrilling and memorable experience but also there is so much to learn when you swim with whale sharks. What we all think about them is they are ocean predators and one thing that came in our minds while thinking about them is that they are extremely dangerous and terrifying as told us by television shows.  But most of the things we have heard are a misunderstanding and media has misled us over the past few years a lot. Some interesting facts about sharks would be learned when we build up the courage to dive in the water with them. Let’s look at some of the interesting and surprising facts about sharks and why everyone should experience a nice swim with whale sharks.

Sharks don’t eat humans

Surprisingly this one is the scariest fear of us humans that the whales eat humans and a meal, but this is a complete lie and a misinterpretation. In fact if you ask the professionals working with the water activities and dealing with whale sharks on daily bases they will laugh about it as they are not interested in eating human beings and their food is ocean animals and small fish that are found in the ocean’s base

Sharks aren’t viscous

Whales has got this vicious and cunning image from media but that is completely false. Sharks are not interested in human beings and are not to be scared of. Unless someone doesn’t seem to be a threat to these animals they are not a threat to them at all and you will get to know and learn this fact eventually when you will surpass your fear and show the courage to have a nice swim with whale sharks in Australia. Sharks keep the eco system clean and healthy by eating the weak fish and other small animals in the water.

They are attracted to blood

Sharks are no doubt attracted to blood but not human blood. They eat those animals which they are meant to eat in the ocean and sense their target though smell as their senses are extremely strong and reach their prey through their sense of hearing. You will be surprised to know they can hear and understand the noise of an injured fish and quickly move towards it to eat it. So better pay attention to the noises around you when you are having a swim with whale sharks

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Everything You Should Know About Swimming With The Whale Sharks